Future and Future you

When you search for the meaning of “Vision”, Google shows up vision as “state of being able to see”

A person having Vision means, he is equipped to see things that are in his line of sight.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Things become challenging when the same person is asked to see what is not in his line of sight.

John C Maxwell said

“A leader is one who sees more than others see, who sees farther than others see, and who sees before others do

When I “lead” my life, I am also a “leader”. Which means I need to see myself more than what I see in front of me

What I see in front of me is “Future”; What I see more of myself is “Future you”

As kids, we are conditioned to see our “Future you” in the form of different roles and to list some of them, we see ourselves as an Engineer, Doctor, Sportsperson, Artist. In our childhood, these future roles are easy to see, imagine and feel because their vivid description is conditioned into us through our parents, friends, relatives, school, and our environment.

Things change when we get into adulthood, this external conditioning to see “Future you” will reduce because everyone sees us as an adult and expect to run our own life; Even in cases when we get unsolicited external conditioning, our judgement creeps in and prevents us from accepting that conditioning.

So days run our lives instead of us running it, and we think we are seeing the “Future you” but what we see is just the “future”

When you just see “Future”, you will see there will be a change in time, you will see things will change, you will see the environment will be different

When you see “Future you”, you will see what you will become, you will see what you will achieve, you will see what you will contribute

Notice the difference; With “future”, you will see things changing for you and with “future you” you will visualize the actions taken by you

When you just see the “future”, it always makes you feel that you are in driver seat and when the future arrives it frustrates you because you don't get the desired outcome

When you see the “future you”, you will take all the necessary action and hence redefine the environment to get the desired outcome

So get started, define your “future you” and take action